13 Fishing Defy Gold 6ft 3in ML Spinning Rod Fast Action


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Brand: 13 Fishing


The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom. The 13 Fishing Defy Gold is an impossible balanced combination of sensitivity and value. Crafted to maximize finesse offerings, the Defy Gold series loads effortlessly to task for all the multi species needs desired. Japanese 24 Ton Blank Construction blank absorbs the hard charges and headshakes of the battle with silken responsiveness. Lengthened tip sections crafted with supple forgiveness, remove tension down the line detected by wary feeders. Transmitting subtle ticks with absolute sensitivity. Defy Gold’s excel in both horizontal and vertical presentations with uncompromising load characteristics. Utilizing the unique tapers, these rods are purpose built for walleye, trout, and other species utilizing alternative targeting practices.

  • Japanese 24 Ton Blank Construction
  • Evolve Stainless Steel Alconite Guides
  • Evolve Snaggle Tooth Hook Keeper
  • Custom Evolve Reel Seat
  • Premium Full Grip Cork Handle