.30-06 OUTDOORS PinPoint Fall-A-Way Arrow Rest Left Handed


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Brand: .30-06 Outdoors


The .30-06 Outdoors PinPoint Fall-A-Way Arrow Rest offers all you need to ensure a more accurate shot. The PinPoint features built in wind and elevation adjustments to give you a more precise aim. You won’t need to worry about sound scaring away your game with the rubber dampeners that allow you to silently load your arrows. This arrow rest if lightweight and compact and won’t add an excessive amount of weight to your bow. The PinPoint is easy to install yourself and available in right and left handed models to accommodate all archers.

  • Features a built in wind and elevation adjustment system to give you more precise aim
  • Equipped with rubber dampeners that allow silent arrow loading so you won’t make a sound during a hunt
  • This arrow rest is lightweight and compact; won’t add excessive weight to your bow
  • Easy to install yourself; constructed from durable aluminum for long-term use
  • Available in right and left handed models to accommodate all archers


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