Benjamin Armada 25 Caliber PCP Rifle Kit


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Brand: Benjamin


The Benjamin Armada 25 Caliber PCP Rifle Kit is a 25 caliber bolt action multi shot PCP pre charged pneumatic rifle. It shoots up to 900 feet per second and delivers 50 foot pounds of energy. It is a Modular, versatile design that is compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 grips and stocks. This airgun has a machined receiver featuring 5 inches of Picatinny rail space. It delivers up to 16 shots per fill, has a shrouded barrel with integrated sound suppression, and a reversible bolt handle. The airgun comes with a 8 round magazine and also has a rifled steel barrel. It includes a 3000 PSI pressure gauge with regulator and a two stage trigger. The kit includes a 4-16×50 mm Scope, sunshade and bipod with telescoping legs.

  • Shoots 900 feet per second
  • 50 foot pounds of energy
  • 8 round magazine
  • Shrouded barrel
  • Two stage trigger
  • Features 4-16×50 scope
  • Includes bi pod


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