Benjamin Gunnar 25 Caliber PCP Pellet Rifle


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Brand: Benjamin


The Benjamin Gunnar 25 Caliber PCP Pellet Rifle has an adjustable AR compatible Buttstock with Picatinny rail for monopod attachment and a 4 way adjustable cheek piece. It includes a 500 cc bottle that can be charged up to 3000 PSI. This rifle also has and adjustable regulator, a 5 position external power adjuster, and a side cocking lever. A 10 shot rotary magazine is included. It shoots up to 900 feet per second and delivers 50 foot pounds of energy. Also included is an adjustable trigger shoe and shrouded barrel with integrated should suppression

  • Up to 900 feet per second
  • 50 foot pounds of energy
  • Features 500 cc bottle
  • 5 position external power adjuster
  • Side cocking lever
  • 10 shot rotary magazine


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