Bog-Pod XSR Xtreme Shooting Rest


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Brand: Bog-Pod


Crafted of lightweight, high-strength aluminum and designed to work with the unique quick-change head system of the Bog-Pod tripod shooting sticks. It provides portable benchrest steadiness. Two adjustable, rubber- coated Universal Shooting Rests and hook-and-loop safety straps anchor any firearm.

  • Rotates 360 degrees to track target easily
  • Easily installs on any BOG-POD tripod (Note: Only works with BOG-POD tripods. Requires adapt-a-pod to work with standard photographic tripods.)
  • Approximately 15 1/2″ long x 2″ wide
  • Two Velcro straps to keep firearm firmly secured to XSR leaving it in the Ready Position
  • Deigned for gun to be perfectly balanced over tripod


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Weight 1.94 lbs
Dimensions 20.4 × 8.2 × 3.05 in