Boyt Harness 83001 Select Personal Vault with Keypad - Black


Boyt Harness 83001 Select Personal Vault with Keypad – Black


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The Boyt Harness Select Personal Vault – 12.25in 83001 has been designed to be the ideal way to keep your belongings out of the wrong hands. This Safe from Boyt Harness features a digital LED keypad for programmable entry using a three to eight digit code with a hidden manual key override. The locks inside of the Boyt Select Personal Safe are tamper resistant with an incorrect code lock-out feature. Made with a 15 gauge steel compartment and an 11 gauge steel door featuring cross bar locks and a powder coated finish. Pre-drilled mounting holes can be used to permanently secure your vault, or for use with cable locks (mounting hardware and cable locks not included)
Internal dimensions: 11″ X 7″ X 8″ External dimensions: 12.25″ x 8″ x 8″
Tough pick-proof key lock
LED keypad along with a hidden manual key override
Secure steel cross bolts
11 gauge steel door and 15 gauge body
Incorrect code lock-out feature

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Weight 12.19 lbs
Dimensions 13.65 × 9.05 × 8.65 in

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