Bradley Smoker 5-Piece Carving Kit


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Brand: Bradley Smoker


The Bradley Smoker carving kit helps you slice and serve your favorite foods with ease. Keep your carving skills sharp and on point with this five-piece set of carving tools. Magnets on either side of the case let you hang the kit on the side of a smoker, or any metal surface. Inside the kit you’ll find a butcher knife (8”), a boning knife (5.5”), a carving fork (6.25”), a 2-stage sharpener and a digital thermometer.

  • Helps you slice and serve foods with ease
  • Keeps your carving skills sharp
  • Magnets on either side of the case will hang fon the side of a smoker or metal surface
  • Includes 5 pieces: 8″ butcher knife, 5.5″ boning knife, 6.25″ carving fork, 2-stage sharpener and digital thermometer
  • Comes in a case for easy storage


Additional information

Weight 2.58 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 6.75 × 1.75 in