Bushnell Night Vision Equinox X 650 w Illuminator


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Brand: Bushnell


The Bushnell Night Vision Equinox X 650 w Illuminator offers superb optical clarity, illumination, and a generous 650-foot viewing range in the dark, that’s more than two football fields! Bar-setting features include a built-in infrared illuminator, a tripod-mounting adaptor, micro SD card recording, a 5X zoom that really brings out the details, and full-color daylight viewing for 24/7 use. Whether you’ve been yearning for a night vision optic for years or you’re just discovering “seeing in the dark” the Equinox X650 makes taking the plunge a joy. This feature-laden optic has everything you need to tackle nighttime furbearer, predator, and wild hog hunts, gatherings around the fire pit or camp fire are great places to take in evening wildlife watching, and even home protection and personal security. With the Equinox X650, you get a super-durable housing that can take rough handling,

  • High-quality video recording is yours with the touch of a button, day or night, with the included micro SD card
  • 3X zoom feature enhances detailed viewing
  • Full-color daylight viewing makes this night-vision optic a 24/7 tool
  • Integral tripod mount allows for comfortable and steady viewing without having to hold the optic
  • Easy-access battery compartment holds the three included AA batteries for six hours of constant run time


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