Caldwell Accumax Carbon Fiber Prem Swivel Stud Bipod 6-9in


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Brand: Caldwell


The Caldwell Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Swivel Stud Bipod fiber legs are super strong and lightweight and feature non-slip rubber feet. It securely attaches to any sling swivel stud. The twist-locks allow for fast incremental leg length adjustment. The legs lock forward or backward at 90 degrees with spring-loaded buttons. Secure leg-stops prevent legs from overextending. It is extendible from 6 inches – 9 inches.

  • Lever lock handle for fast adjustment
  • Omni-directional ball mount for 360 degree panning
  • Twist-lock leg length adjustment
  • Extendible: 6 in-9 in
  • Secure leg-stops prevent legs from overextending


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Dimensions 8.0 × 2.75 × 2.25 in