Camillus Line of Sight 15.5 inch Branch Saw


Camillus Line of Sight 15.5 inch Branch Saw


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Camillus 20.5 inch Branch Saw features titanium bonded non-stick blades and Airshoc grips and anti-microbial handles features Prym1 design. titanium bonded surface treatment offers enhanced edge retention, corrosion and adhesive resistant and is 3x stronger than untreated steel. The anti-microbial handles are resistant to deterioration by mold and mildew. The Branch Saw boasts 7 inch blade with triple edge grind cuts on the push and pull for smooth, aggressive cutting action. Handle accommodates standard poles for extended trimming. Includes a sheath for convenient storage and carry.
Titanium Bonded non-stick surface resulting in longer edge life, corrosion and adhesive resistant
AirShoc technology with impact resistant and ergonomic grip
Prym1 Camo handles with antimicrobial agent to resist deterioration by mold and mildew
Triple edge grind cuts on the push and pull for easier and more efficient cutting action
Dual locking mechanism for easy and safe opening and closing; folds for easy carry and storage
7 inch blade offers good cut range while maintaining portability
Includes a sheath to protect the edge

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