CBE Mod5 Adjustable 5-arrow quiver


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Brand: CBE


Theod 5 adjustable 5-arrow quiver was designed from years of bowhunting experience to deliver a quiver that’s easy to use. No matter what bow or sight you use. The quiver accepts both fixed & mechanical broadheads and all popular arrow diameters. The unique clamping design with cam locking lever mechanism locks the quiver securely and allows for ultra easy on had removal and attachment, so you can quickly add or remove when you are in the field. The MOD5 allows yomore than 32 different mounting positions.

  • Accommodates all popular hunting arrow diameters
  • Vertically adjustable to get the perfect fit
  • Accepts both fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • Compact Quiver design
  • Mounts directly to sight


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