Coleman 40 Quart Powerchill Hot-Cold Thermoelectric Cooler


Coleman 40 Quart Powerchill Hot-Cold Thermoelectric Cooler


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Chill or warm your food and drinks at the office, in your dorm room or on the road in a Coleman PowerChill 40 Quart Hot/Cold Thermoelectric Cooler. You choose: hot or cold. As an iceless cooler it chills everything inside to 40 below the surrounding temperature. As a warming box, it heats everything inside up to 140 above the surrounding temperature. Just plug it into your outlet at home (with a separate adaptor) or in your vehicle with the included power cord, and the quiet, long-lasting motor will do the work. It’s large enough to hold 44 cans and works as a chest or upright like a small refrigerator with a door that converts to open from either side. However you position the cooler, a tray shelf keeps everything organized.
Hot and Cold
Power supply converter for home/office use sold separeately; plugs into vehicle cigarette lighter
Cools to 40 degrees below surrounding temperature
Heats to 110-140 Degrees above surrounding temperature
44 can capacity

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Weight 17.52 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 17.5 × 16 in