Frabill Spray Bar Pump System 12 Volt DC 30 Gallons


Frabill Spray Bar Pump System 12 Volt DC 30 Gallons


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Keeping bait alive and accessible is mission critical. Frabill is the leader in bait management systems and offers an expanded line of live bait containers, aerators, traps, tools, and accessories. Whether you’re fishing inland or offshore-using minnows, mullet, crayfish, leeches or crawlers-Frabill has everything you need to be armed and ready for the day. Specifically designed and tested to keep saltwater baitfish healthy and active, these pumps can convert any size cooler or livewell into an oxygen-rich aquarium.
12V DC 500GPH low current pump
Aerates up to 30 gallons
Can be used to pump water in or out of boat or bait tank and can also be used to wash surfaces
Spray bar can be permanently mounted or mounted with suction cups
Produces close to 100% saturation of dissolved oxygen
Package includes: Pump with suction cups, spray bar, mounting hardware, 55 feet of flexible tubing
6 Foot power cord with copper battery clips and on/off switch

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