Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Handheld Depriming Tool


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Brand: Frankford Arsenal


The Frankford Platinum Series Hand Deprimer increases reloading efficiency by allowing you to deprime your spent brass by hand in just 4 easy steps. No need to set up your press and reset your dies to deprime a few cases. This system is fully contained and provides easy disposal by capturing the spent primers in a collection tube. Constructed from robust die cast aluminum, this tool offers high performance and durability. Features the Universal Collet System that can handle brass from .20 cal all the way up to .338 lapua and can even deprime pistol brass and military crimped primers. Designed with an ergonomic grip to increase speed and comfort.

  • Efficiently designed for ease and speed of depriming
  • Universal Collet System deprimes brass from .20 cal up to .338 Lapua
  • Robust die cast aluminum construction for extended use
  • Auto-ejecting case holder for easy removal of deprimed cases
  • Three different collets provided for different diameter cases
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Easily deprime crimped primers


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