Guard Dog Vice Maximum Voltage Stun Gun Black


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Brand: Guard Dog Security


With its smooth molded finish and compact body, the Guard Dog Vice will provide you with electrifying protection. Always ready to defend you and your loved ones, this attractive device carries a maximum power stun gun with a convenient 3-function flashlight high, medium, and strobe mode for emergencies. On its mission to adapt to your lifestyle and enhance your safety, the Vice comes with a safety pin that disables the stun gun feature perfect for keeping children safe and preventing the Vice from being used against you in case of it being snatched away. Slick, powerful and compact the Guard Dog Vice has it all.

  • Deter and disable potential assailants.
  • Ergonomic, slick and compact stun gun completely adapted to your hands
  • Single LED flashlight allows for quick identification or increased visibility in small areas
  • With the Disable Pin removed and hidden, this device becomes only a harmless flashlight


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