Hatch TSK324 Task Medium Glove Size Medium


Hatch TSK324 Task Medium Glove Size Medium


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Task Medium gloves are comfortable, lightweight and durable, and provide maximum dexterity for law enforcement and light tactical military users. No extra stitches or seams along the pads of the fingers ensure excellent tactility during pat downs, manipulation of small objects such as handcuff keys, and firearms handling. Touchscreen technology is embedded into the materials of all fingertips, which are reinforced for additional protection.
Soft and lightweight, breathable stretch material on back of hand
Reinforced fingertips
Durable synthetic palm with Hatch touchscreen technology in all fingers
All-soft cuff, to flex around a wristwatch, provides comfort and freedom of movement
Patented trigger finger Cut-Ring to ensure no unraveling when glove tip is cut off
Ergo-Cut Floating Thumb design puts less strain on tendons and skin, for a comfortable fit and greater dexterity
Articulated strap accommodates a larger watch, offers personalized adjustability

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TSK324 MD/1182016