Hatsan TactAir 1.6L CF Fill Tank with Valve Kit


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Brand: Hatsan USA


The Hatsan TactAir 1.6L Carbon Fiber Fill Tank 98 cu-in volume fills up to 4500 PSI. The included fill valve is equipped with both a tank pressure and fill pressure gauge, along with a quick-disconnect fill whip. A Hatsan fill probe adapter is also included for use with Hatsan PCP airguns. The tank fills by way of a male quick-disconnect on the valve body with no need to back-fill through the hose. This compact portable tank is great for all-day air gunning!

  • 1.6L / 98 cu-in. volume
  • Strong, lightweight carbon composite construction
  • 2 gauges for tank and fill pressure
  • Quick disconnect fill hose
  • 4500 PSI fill pressure


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