HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin 5519 Sight .019 Left Handed


HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin 5519 Sight .019 Left Handed


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KP-5519LH Optimizer Lite King Pin 20 years in the making, the 3rd generation of archerys number 1 selling, single pin mover is loaded with features no other bow sight can offer. Interchangeable wheels make changing tapes easier than ever before and allow
Wheel-forward design is ideal for mounting one-piece quivers
Sight tape magnifier allows for adjustment to the 1/4 yard!
���Blind 20��� feature allows for fast, no look return to your most common predetermined distance
Precision machined brass rack and pinion delivers silky smooth operation with zero slop
Interchangeable wheels allows for quick changes between multiple arrow or draw weight combinations
2.1��� of vertical travel adjustment
Optional Blue Burst light (model 2500) illuminates sight tapes for rapid adjustment in dark ground blinds

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Dimensions 11.85 × 7.95 × 2.7 in

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