Marine Metal Individual 10 Gal Bait Saver Livewell


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Brand: Marine Metal


10 Gallon Bait Saver Livewell comes with a 12 V DC low current (.75 amp) aerator that has been the standard of all portable livewell aeration systems since 1961. It produces 99.4% saturation of dissolved oxygen. It has a detachable filter and impeller guard. The 5 gallon livewell has molded handles with a large opening lid for easy dip net access. The lid also serves as a handy cutting surface and has mounting tabs for tools, hooks and tackle. The complete system includes Bait Saver aerator with filter guard, 6′ 16 AGW power cord, copper battery clips, livewell and hinged lid.

  • Bait Saver saturates the livewell with dissolved oxygen. Baits maintain their color.
  • Bait Saver is easy to use, performs well and is a quality product.
  • Keep your cast net in when not using it — so nice the way it all fits together. Better than rigging up a cooler.
  • Produces ultra high volume of aeration with low amperage (.75 amps @ 12 volts).
  • With normal care it should last a long time — performs well, a good value


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