Mechanix M-Pact Fingerless Tactical Gloves Covert Black Lg


Mechanix M-Pact Fingerless Tactical Gloves Covert Black Lg


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The control of bare hands and trusted M-Pact protection make the M-Pact Fingerless a great set of tactical gloves for shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike. The M-Pact Fingerless Covert glove was originally designed to protect law enforcement from impact and abrasion injuries in the field without compromising tactile control when responding to calls for service or making arrests. The gloves feature anatomically designed Thermoplastic Rubber that protects the back of yourhand from forceful impact, small cuts and abrasions without hindrance. The palm is reinforced with durable Armortex and padded with XRD open-cell foam to absorb shock and vibration to help reduce hand fatigue. The M-Pact Fingerless tactical glove is now available in Covert black.
Large Size: Patented Impact Guard protects first knuckle with EVA foam padding
Fingerless design provides maximum dexterity
D3O pal padding absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy through the palm
Amortex fingertips provide durable gripping power
Machine washable

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