Minn Kota Engine Mounted Series RT 160-EM


Minn Kota Engine Mounted Series RT 160-EM


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The EM discretely mounts on the cavitation plate of your outboard or I/O unit, with no stowing or deploying required. The motor stays out of sight, wont interfere with your I/O motor, keeps your deck clear and rides completely out of the water once youre on plane. EM electronics are housed in a fully waterproof control module mounted below the deck of the boat, and theyre sealed in marine-grade polyurethane to provide corrosion-proof protection. The extruded aluminum housing features specially designed fins that dissipate heat to keep things cool under high rmp use. Control your EMs speed with this 18′ corded remote. It can be mounted or handheld, and offers infinitely variable speed control in forward and reverse. Features neutral (off) detent position. The motor can be steered using the boats steering wheel or outboard tiller. Digital Maximizer controls and optimizes power to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. Youll stay on the water up to five times longer on a single charge. Nothing runs cooler or more quietly than a Minn Kota. Our extra large windings and commutators dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power, and longer motor life. And our unique bearing system reduces friction to cut fish-spooking noise. So quiet, theyll never h(more…)
motor stays out of sight
won���t interfere with your I/O motor
keeps your deck clear and rides completely out of the water once you���re on plane
extruded aluminum housing

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Weight 71.38 lbs
Dimensions 34.75 × 20.75 × 13.0 in

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