Nightstick Safety Light - Flashlight


Nightstick Safety Light – Flashlight


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The Nightstick Model 1170 Safety Light combines a full-size flashlight and a flood/flashing safety light in an all LED compact light-weight package. Two body mounted push buttons control the lighting functions. The top button powers the tight-beam, long-throw 150 lumens flashlight in either momentary or constant-on mode. The bottom button controls the safety light. Pressing the bottom button once, turns on both sets of the BLUE/RED safety lights at full-power. Pressing the button a second time, causes the BLUE/RED safety lights to alternately strobe between the two colors. For added utility, there’s a removable magnetic clip and lanyard ring included with each light. Powered by 4 AA batteries (included). The 2-In-1 Safety Lights are the perfect choice when directing traffic or marking a hazardous area.
All LED construction
Has both a tight-beam long-throw flashlight and a wide-angle two colored flashing safety light array
Two button design top: flashlight, bottom: safety light
Oval shape with textured body and soft-touch finish
Impact, chemical and moisture resistant
Light weight and durable

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