Okuma Record Chaser Signature Series Catfish Rods RC-S-802MH


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Brand: Okuma


The Record Chaser rod series was developed and tested in conjunction with Okuma product tester Kirk Kirkland. Kirk has made a name for himself targeting big fish and is one of the top IGFA record holders in the world. The techniques and various stresses placed on a fishing rod when targeting large Catfish, Alligator Gar, Paddlefish and ever Sturgeon are all very similar. When we set out to build the perfect rod for targeting these species, we wanted to consult with the best, which is why we went directly to Okuma staffer Kirk Kirkland. Not only does Kirk target giant Gar, more importantly he guides for a living and the tackle he uses must hold up to the demanding pressures, because it helps support his livelihood.

  • Rod Power: Medium Heavy
  • Rod Taper: Medium Fast
  • Rod Length: 8.0
  • Line Weight: 12 – 30 lbs.
  • 2-pcs rod blanks with tip over butt construction for improved strength.
  • 24-Ton carbon blanks for responsiveness, power and durability.


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