Primos Photoform Leading Hen Turkey Decoy


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The most realistic decoy on the market! The Primos Photoform Leading Hen Decoy utilizes a proprietary process that allows us to take actual imagery of a hen and print it on 3D molded foam. Not only will this decoy be light enough to carry around all day, but it also collapses for easy storage in your vest. Never worry about lugging bulky decoys around the turkey woods again with this new collapsible decoy. The upright posture of the Primos Photoform Leading Hen Decoy grabs the attention of other hens to pull them in with big Toms right behind. Like every turkey decoy in the Photoform series, the Leading Hen utilizes a patent pending process that prints actual imagery of a real turkey on 3D molded foam. The result? Detailed realism that won’t chip or peel with an irresistible posture in an ultra light decoy. Just collapse it, fold it, and stuff it in your vest. When you’re at your spot, it pops right back into true to form shape. Your turkey hunts are about to take a whole new form Photoform!

  • Proprietary Photoform process using actual imagery of a turkey
  • Extremely lightweight, flexible and portable
  • Collapse it, fold it, carry it
  • Actual Hen image printed on to durable 3DFoam, No chipping or peeling
  • Upright Posture grabs attention of Toms
  • Includes Printed Tail Fan


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