Pro Mariner ProMar 1-5 Single Bank Charger


Pro Mariner ProMar 1-5 Single Bank Charger


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Promariner ProMar1 Single Bank Waterproof Battery Charger – incorporates solid state and fully automatic technology that eliminates the need to use portable battery chargers for charging each battery on-board one at a time. Our compact design is lightweight and pre-wired for quick and easy installation. Mount it, plug it in and forget about it. The ProMar 1 assortment is ProMariners Recreational Grade boating and fishing series, designed to deliver years of automatic charging and conditioning performance with moderate charge times featuring a built-in safe maintenance mode for long or short term storage. Safe for Lead Acid or GEL batteries with features that include; 100% waterproof design, expanded LED Power and Charge status indicators, shock resistant durable molded case, and dual inline battery bank safety fuses for all 2 and 3 bank models. Other built-in safety features include: over temperature, reverse polarity, and ignition protection.
Single Bank
Safe for lead acid or GEL batteries
Shock resistant durable molded case
Expanded LED power & charge status indicators

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Dimensions 8.75 × 6.15 × 5.1 in

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