PulseTech PowerPulse 48 Volt Battery Maintenance System


PulseTech PowerPulse 48 Volt Battery Maintenance System


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Designed especially for frequently-charged 48-Volt battery systems, the PowerPulse 48V Battery Maintenance System ensures maximum battery performance on motive equipment. The unit is ideal for virtually any kind of high voltage vehicle or equipment with a 48-Volt lead-acid battery system that is charged on a regular basis, including golf cars, electric vehicles, gensets and all types of motive vehicles like forklifts, scissor lifts and much more. Comes with lugs that connect directly to the battery terminals.
Works on all lead-acid batteries including conventional flooded, sealed maintenance-free, VRLA, AGM, hybrid, antimony, and calcium-plate designs
Ensures peak battery performance by eliminating the main cause of lead-acid battery problems and failure-sulfation buildup on battery plates
Increases battery life span up to five times longer
Provides greater charge acceptance so batteries recharge faster
Helps protect the environment by preventing premature battery disposal
Includes an LED light that indicates the circuit is energized and the unit is working
Safe, reliable and weather proof

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