Quantum Energy SPT Size 15 Spinning Reel


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The Quantum Energy S3 PT spinning reel comes loaded with Performance Tuned features that gives the most demanding of anglers precision, control, and power. This reel features a steady 5.3:1 gear ratio that retrieves 26-inches of line per turn with 8+1 (8 BB, 1 RB) bearings that can stand up to your toughest demands. The Dura-Lok clutch is a continuous, anti-reverse clutch with an increased number of bearing rollers to improve lock up and performance in colder temperatures. The foot on every PT spinning reel is offset in relation to the stem, shifting the weight of the reel rearward to better balance the reel with a longer rod. The Line Management System 2.0 minimizes line twist with the smooth oscillation system. Reel also comes with Maxcast 2.0 which maximizes casting distance with Quantum’s spool lip design. The Razor Rotor 2.0 balances the rotor components and minimizes weight so there is no wobble or vibration on retrieve. Reel Engine technology is based on an aluminum uni-body that is precision machined to provide a more solid foundation for gears and drive shaft in a single rear-accessible compartment; this results in silky smooth, super free cranking due to the more consistent and tighter tolerances. The nickel-titanium bail is thinner and lighter than other bails, and if dropped or bent, the bail will return to its original shape. The multi-drag disk design combines carbon washers and ceramic washers to provide superior stopping power, lockdown, consistency, and smoothness. Max drag is 7-pounds. Hot Sauce lubrication also helps to lower friction throughout the reel. Several coatings protect the reel from the effects of saltwater. EVA knobs provide extra winching power. It has a mono capacity of 140-yards of 6-pound tested line and a braid capacity of 130-yards of 20-pound tested line. It has a changeable right or left-hand retrieve. The Energy S3 PT uses the latest and greatest materials and technologies to give you a reel that is designed to last.

  • This spinning reel has a 5.3:1 gear ratio and retrieves 26-inches of line per turn; features 8+1 bearings and a changeable right or left-hand retrieve
  • Dura-Lok clutch is more durable and reliable in all weather conditions; the continuous anti-reverse clutch is designed to give you a lifetime of instant hook sets
  • Aluminum body is precision machined and aligns gears, bearings, and shafts perfectly; the addition of the famous Quantum Hot Sauce lubrication means lower friction and a longer life for the reel
  • Maxcast spool is designed so the line comes off the lip with very little friction in tight coils, reducing friction from the rod guides for long, effortless casts; ceramic carbon drag system balances smoothness with power with a max drag of 7 pounds
  • Equipped with a nickel titanium bail that is thinner for a more balanced feel while still remaining sturdy and tough enough to return to its original shape after the bail is dropped or bent
  • Saltguard Protection
  • Titanium Bail Wire


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