RapidPure Explorer Camp 2.2L Filter-Housing 2.5in


RapidPure Explorer Camp 2.2L Filter-Housing 2.5in


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RapidPure Explorer Camp 2.2L Filter and Housing 2.5in filter reduces bacteria and cysts, but if viruses are suspected, they specifically instruct you treat filtered water with chemicals such as chlorine dioxide or iodine to make the water safe from viruses. The filters act as the scaffold upon which the active component of RapidPure filter are permanently affixed. RapidPure captures viruses that are too small for other filtration systems to capture.
Contains a 2.2 liter system and measures 2.5in
Reduces bacteria, viruses, cysts, bad taste, odor, color, sediment, tannins
Filters have a rated life of roughly 3750 gallons per inch of media
Many uses: emergency readiness, hunting, military personnel
Output is approximately 1.33 liters per minute

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Weight 0.47 lbs
Dimensions 5.85 × 3.1 × 3.05 in





110-2.5, BFE


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