SA Sports Empire High Viz Neon 20 inch Carbon Bolts-6 pack


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The SA Sports Empire High Viz Neon Carbon Bolts get the job done quickly and efficiently and are easy to find even in the most challenging scenarios. Shoot more consistent groups at the range and take down more game with these hunting grade bolts that are precision engineered for straightness and ideally weighted to hit hard. The 400 grain shafts will weigh 500 grains with the included field points and up to 525 grains with most broadheads; the bolts flawlessly balance weight with distance so every shot has a surplus of energy to devastate big game and will stay upright in flight without excessive drop. Color is such a small seeming detail, but the details matter to SA Sports; the hi-visibility neon camo ensures that distractions at the range won’t result in lost bolts, and decaying leaves in the forest will have a hard time concealing bolts. Every shaft is tested for straightness prior to leaving the factory up to a maximum deviation of 0.006 inches. Bolts are pre-fletched with vanes designed to enhance performance and include nocks, inserts, and field points. The SA Sports Empire Hi Viz Neon Carbon Bolts will find more bullseyes and yield more legendary hunts.

  • Score more direct hits both on targets and in the kill zone of big game with these bolts that are designed for maximum straightness to fly straight and ideally weighted to hit hard
  • Easily find bolts that penetrate straight through their target and bury themselves in a pile of leaves or long grass thanks to the bright neon yellow camo paint job
  • Thes 20-inch bolts are quality controlled to a maximum straightness deviation of 0.006 inches and weigh 400 grains without the included field tips
  • Every bolt comes from the factory with inserts and points and is fletched with vanes engineered to compliment the bolt’s design and ensure maximum accuracy
  • These bolts don’t require any set-up or modification to start shooting; quickly dial in your accuracy at the range, attach your favorite broadhead, and hit the woods
  • 4 inch fletches
  • 20 inches in length


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