SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Compound Crossbow


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The SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 uses cutting edge technology to provide powerful hunting performance. Serious power and accuracy come standard with this crossbow that uses reverse cams and an ultra-narrow profile for a longer power stroke to achieve astounding results. The Punisher 420 dials up excessive force to flatten big game with 158 ft-lbs in every shot. The maximum speed of 420 feet per second is the tip of the iceberg in this bow that offers pinpoint performance and incredible consistency. Long distance shots that most bow-hunters are forced to pass up are childs-play with the Punisher 420. Effortlessly launch bolts out beyond 100 yards and every perfectly placed shot will inspire confidence in the bow’s abilities. The unrivaled maneuverability and surprising silence of the Punisher also excels in tight quarters found in the thickest woods. The bow measures a mere 12 inches from axle to axle at rest and an astoundingly slender 7.5 inches when cocked and ready-to-rock. All the equipment vital needed for deadly results is included courtesy of SA Sports. Every Punisher 420 ships with a 4×32 illuminated multi reticle scope, quiver, u-sled rope cocking device, and sling. The first 3 bolts are included as well. The SA Sports Punisher 420 outperforms crossbows that cost twice as much and redefines the possibilities of a crossbow; this bow is the beginning of a new era in archery performance.

  • Enter into a new era of archery performance; every shot rips through the air at a staggering 420 feet per second and carries 158 ft-lbs of energy to devastate big game
  • Deftly maneuver the Punisher through the thickest woods due to the reverse cam design that offers an athletic narrow profile and a massive 15.5 inch power stroke
  • Make shots at any distance look easy with the pinpoint accuracy and massive energy potential of the Punisher, and keep your position secret due to built in silencing
  • The light bow is easy to handle at only 8 pounds and the absurd maximum velocity is achieved with a relatively light draw weight of only 175lbs
  • Every bow ships with a 4×32 illuminated multi reticle scope, quiver, u-sled rope cocking device, and sling; the first 3 bolts are included as well
  • Patented narrow design
  • 185 pound draw weight


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