Scotty Strongarm 24 Manual Downrigger


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Brand: Scotty


Scotty 1080DPR Strongarm Manual Downrigger has outstanding features for small and intermediate size boats. Comes with 24″long, 1″ diameter stainless steel boom, 200 ft of premium 150 lb stainless steel downrigger cable. Also included is a boom mounted Rodmaster II rod holder and Power Grip Plus line release.

  • High speed two feet per turn spool coupled with an extended handle for extra leverage, which makes cranking a breeze.
  • Spray-protected, positive-drive depth counter
  • 1023 tilt-up mounting plate
  • Fully adjustable descent speed
  • Full saltwater protection


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Weight 9.32 lbs
Dimensions 28.75 × 10.25 × 6.75 in