Smokehouse Smoke Chief Cold Smoker


Smokehouse Smoke Chief Cold Smoker


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Smoke Chief is an amazing way to smoke all of your favorite foods. This unit produces “cold smoke” and can be easily connected to any grill or outdoor cooking device to quickly produce delicious smoked foods. This product is unique in that it will turn a barbeque grill that most families already have into a smoker in a matter of seconds, and it produces a ‘cold smoke’ that allows for consistency in making your favorite recipe.
Turns any grill into a smoker
Produces cold smoke
Smokes for three hours on a cup of bbq pellets
Smoke Chief allows the everyday cook to smoke foods like a professional
On most grills it sits next to the grill and pipes the smoke in through the rotisserie hole that is already available
Easy to attach, and sets up with little effort.

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Weight 7.17 lbs
Dimensions 12.4 × 11.55 × 6.45 in

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