Stache RAHC Belt Pack Blue Rapid Access Holster Carrier


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The Blackhawk Stache RAHC (Rapid Access Holster Carrier) was designed for a low profile. Constructed of light weight 200D polyester to lower the users tactical profile, making you look like any other tourist. The Stache RAHC offers the user the ability to carry while out on a run, or while not wearing a belt. The Stache RAHC utilizes double-layer 1.5 in scuba webbing sewn into a “V” shape to provide it an ambidextrous capability. The openings on the mounting “V” are sized for a Glock 19 sized Stache IWB (Holster Not Included), or similar or smaller holster. Simply place the holster into the opening and allow your belt clip to lock into the 1.5 in scuba webbing providing a secure, stable and safe carry solution. This allows the user to carry their trusted EDC gun and holster at times where you may not be wearing pants and a belt. Stache RAHC features an external storage compartment 7 in W x 3.5 in H, perfect for your smart phone and an internal mesh storage pocket 7.75 in W x 5.5 in H, for your ID, Carry Permit, Cash or other essentials. Carry while running on the trail, wearing board shorts at the beach, or just out on the town. When you need your firearm, simply pull up on the storage compartment, releasing the bond on the rare-earth magnets holding it in place, and grab your pistol. Simple, Fast and Secure. Unlike other fanny pack holster styles, the Blackhawk Stache RAHC follows your already established muscle memory of clearing your garment upon draw, curbing your training burdon and reducing training scars. The 1.5 in soft nylon waist strap is adjustable from 26 to 58 in, maximizing the users adaptable carry positions from traditional fanny pack, behind the back runner’s carry, or over the shoulder. The generous 3D mesh backer provides breathability and all-day comfort. If you’re like us, and you feel naked without your gun, you need the Stache RAHC in your gear assortment.

  • Constructed of lightweight, 200D water resistant polyester
  • Rapid access achieved by pulling up on bottom of storage compartment, held in place by rare earth magnets
  • Rigid 1.5 in double-layer scuba webbing inside belt pack secures Glock 19 sized Stache IWB holster, or similar or smaller system (Holster Not Included)
  • 1.5 in lightweight soft nylon waist belt comfortable for all-day use
  • Larger interior zippered mesh storage pocket: 7.75 in W x 5.5 in H, perfect for carrying items such as electrolyte packets, ID, Carry Permit, Cash etc.


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