UST 60 Day Lantern up to 508 Lumens in Titanium


UST 60 Day Lantern up to 508 Lumens in Titanium


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The UST 60 Day Lantern is bright, it’s bold and it’s big. Fortunately, it will never leave you in the dark. The UST 60 Day lantern is the brightest, longest lasting lantern in its class. A bright 508 lumens on high setting, 200 lumens on medium setting and 18 lumens on low setting. The low setting will provide 60 days of continuous use on just one set of batteries.
Bright, clean light up to 508 lumens
Runs 60 days on low setting
Runs 36 hours continuously on high setting
Lifetime LED in unbreakable and never needs replacing
Rubberized housing enhances impact resistance
Water resistant IPX4 rating
Removable globe provides forward-area light

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Weight 2.31 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 x 5.75 x 5.75 in

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