UST Spright Recharge LED Lantern Power Bank


UST Spright Recharge LED Lantern Power Bank


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The UST Spright Recharge Lantern is an innovative USB rechargeable LED lantern. The included USB cord makes charging the lantern easy, allowing you to travel battery and fuel free. The Spright Recharge also doubles as a power bank, so you can charge your phone and other mobile devices on the go. As part of the Spright family, it features a soft silicone globe that collapses for compact storage. For on/off operation, press and hold power button for two seconds.
Bright, soft light ��� up to 100 lumens
Integrated hook on the base allows you to attach and hang almost anywhere
Silicone globe glows in the dark ��� expose to light source for 2+ hours of glow
Amber and candle flicker modes are perfect for use in a tent
BATTERY: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (included)

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