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The Deer Splitter Game Splitter Assistant from Viking Solutions is a new tool that makes splitting the chest cavity and pelvic bone a breeze. This stainless steel device delivers a 19X force that will split these two areas and keep your hands and knives outside the animal. The Deer Splitter provides several advantages over traditional methods: You can keep your knife sharp because you don’t have to dull it cutting the chest open or splitting the pelvic bone; You keep your hands outside the animal and this eliminates puncturing anything inside; And it eliminates the risk of cutting yourself or someone else with a knife while cutting through these difficult areas. The Deer Splitter is small enough to keep in a backpack or fanny-pack but packs the power to tackle these two tough areas on your animal as well as jawbone extraction. The stainless steel construction and quality engineering means you’ll get many years of trouble free service. Simple to clean under running water this is one tool you won’t want to go to the woods without.

  • Splits chest/sternum with ease
  • Splits pelvic bone (on deer up to 200 lbs.)
  • Keeps knives from dulling.
  • Keeps hands outside the animal.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Small enough to carry in a pocket or backpack.


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