Wild River Rigger 5 Gallon Bucket Organizer w-Accessories


Wild River Rigger 5 Gallon Bucket Organizer w-Accessories


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The Rigger is Wild River’s soft tackle, 5-gallon bucket organizer. It comes with an LED light system that allows you to see into the bucket or focus it on your work area when darkness is creeping in. It also features a zippered pocket ready for your aerator and spare batteries to help you keep your bait lively. The Rigger has storage for two 3500-series trays, and an extra pocket to hold a third or another reel and line. Features include plier holder, retractable lanyard, bucket, bucket seat and 2 3500-series trays included.
Two pole pockets with securing straps
Clear internal pocket to keep your maps and licenses visible but dry
Removable plier holder goes from bag to belt so your pliers are easy to find
Removable self-retracting steel cable lanyard for clippers or small tools
Fits most 5-gallon size buckets

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Weight 5.22 lbs
Dimensions 15.2 × 12.3 × 11.3 in

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